Microsoft enters Healthcare Software

The New York Times writes:

The software system Microsoft is buying, Azyxxi (pronounced ah-zik-see), is designed to retrieve and quickly display patient information from many sources, including scanned documents, E.K.G.s, X-rays, M.R.I. scans, angiograms and ultrasound images. It was first used in Washington Hospital Centers emergency department in 1996, and has since been adopted at six other hospitals, including the Georgetown University Hospital, that are part of the MedStar Health group, a nonprofit network in the Baltimore-Washington region.

Analysts and health care experts who have seen the software work in the Washington hospitals say it is impressive technology. Many hospitals and clinics, they say, have various kinds of patient information in electronic form, but the different computer systems and software programs cannot share the data. That is the principal problem the Azyxxi system addresses, analysts say.

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Rajesh Jain

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