Mobile Users: Search vs Locate

Marek Pawlowski writes:

M-Spatial, a location-based services provider, has also released some figures which shed light on how users are searching for real world shops, restaurants and facilities from their mobile devices. This is a particularly important area for mobile user experience because it bridges the gap between whats happening virtually on the screen and actual interaction with the physical environment.

On a macro-scale, mobile devices are becoming increasingly influential on their surroundings – whether it is a teenager walking down the street playing music from the speaker on their phone (has anyone else noticed how many people are doing this?) or a user scanning a screen-based barcode to gain access to a turnstyle (recently trialled by O2 at Twickenham Rugby stadium) – handsets are becoming remote controls for the real world.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.