ThisNext for Shopping Discovery

GigaOM writes:

ThisNext CEO Gordon Gould describes the companys idea for Shopcasts as a list of top-ten-style products from online influencers like chefs, and professional rock climbers. The shopper can click through to buy the item and the influencer gets paid. I checked out ThisNexts site, which is in private beta and will launch August 21st, and played around with the discovery and recommendation features. Im a sucker for products recommended by sites like Coolhunting and Dailycandy and ThisNext sounds like an easier more powerful way to access that type of data.

The interesting part is the technology behind the service that creates a set of metrics based on which recommenders have the most influence, among other things. Gordon compares some of the features to Flickrs Interestingness.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.