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ContentSutra has a discussion from Mobile Monday Delhi about the challenges:

One content provider, who did not want to be named, listed three main hurdles that they face during the entire content delivery process:

1. Bureacratic functioning of the service operator – delays in testing, deployment and offering clarifications and/or technical guidance
2. Business model inordinately skewed in favour of the operator, and a short term, revenue focused approach
3. Delays in processing payment which hinders innovation and creates a barrier to the entry of relatively smaller players.

Another issue that came to light was that service operators do not authenticate the number of downloads that mobile content receives, thus hampering further business development, especially in the branded content space.

The other overwhelming sentiment that pervaded the day long mobile conference was a need for a convergence of a different kind – the mobile space lacks uniformity both in device usability and software platforms. This inhibits a single minded focus on innovating on the content and software fronts since developers have to choose platforms, or modify their softwares accordingly. Also, since different mobile phones have different features, user adoption will be limited to only the tech-savvy.

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Rajesh Jain

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