MyWSJ writes about a new, personalised subscriber-only service from the Wall Street Journal:

The new effort has a lot in common with the others: users can add any RSS feed, click and drag modules, drill down through a variety of site feeds. (Click on the pic on the right to see a bigger thumbnail)
But MyWSJ has its differences, particularly its scope across DJ properties. The add content list includes feeds from Barrons Online, MarketWatch, SmartMoney, and the various non-sub Journal sites an emphasis on the WSJ as part of a broader Dow Jones Online network. Its also done a better job of working in tools like stock charter and quotes, local weather and traffic, saved searches and even press releases. Its separate from the Journals first personalization service, My Online Journal, but the two are supposed to be combined eventually. It offers multiple layout choices and, shades of Excite, four different styles; in addition, each feed module an be edited for number of items shown and choice of headlines or summaries. Hovering over headlines shows the summary. Plans include allowing subs to see and share feeds.

The combination of aggregation and personalization allows users to create a mini news portal and gives the sites a shot at increased stickiness and an additional way of targeting ads.

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