Ad Experiences

Alan Schulman writes:

The challenge for us as interactive creatives is to start looking beyond enhanced banners and pre-rolls and start developing new ad experiences, dashboards, widgets and advergames that can live adjacent to these environments and become more encouraging to viewers. As much as the ad models for these new experiences are challenging traditional media planning and buying services, so too do we as a creative community need to move quickly to keep up with the velocity of change that’s presenting us with new environments and experiences within which to serve every week.

Building cool contextual messages that live within or adjacent to personalized content or search results isn’t rocket science. We just have to get past the traditional penchant for serving the same stuff we have been for years. Evolving our creative from banners to rich media to broadband video has still been a challenge for the interactive industry to standardize– and we haven’t got that right yet.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.