Mobiles and PCs discusses which has had the greater impact over the past 25 years:

The cell phone, according to well-known IBM software developer and blogger Sam Ruby. Though his represents just one opinion, Ruby made a strong case for why the cell phone outstrips the PC in terms of effect on the world.

“It’s killing the landline; it’s killing watches; it’s changing the camera business; it’s changing the TV industry, the music industry,” Ruby said Monday at the New Paradigms for Using Computers (NPUC) 2006 workshop at the IBM Almaden Research Center here.

“It’s destroying the pay-phone industry. It’s hurting the hotel industry and putting the squeeze on universities,” he said during a talk titled “Teenagers on the Go.” To highlight the future stability of the device, he added, “Teenagers love the cell phone.”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.