TV Shows Only on Internet

The Jeff Pulver provides a guide:

Somewhere between the world of professionally “produced” TV shows and personal video blogs lies the world of what can be best described as “TV Shows Only Available on the Internet.”

This summer the team at set out on a mission to explore and discover the state of “TV and the Net” and when looking at this space, we arbitrary divided the world into five parts:

– “TV on the Net” – these are websites for TV shows that are, or have been, on TV/Cable and are now available for viewing on the Net;
– “TV Shows Only Available on the Internet” – these are new programs produced for the purpose of viewing on the broadband internet.
– “User Created Content sites” – these are the sites like Veoh and YouTube which offer community members the ability to upload video content to share with others;
– “Sites to View TV” – these are sites like ChannelKing and ChannelChooser where someone can watch commercial TV stations over the internet.
– “Misc” – for websites that didn’t fit in any of the other boxes above.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.