Sky Dayton’s Ventures

Business Week writes about the Earthlink founder:

Now 35 with three kids, the guy who once took meetings in sandals is back with a new mantra: wireless. Dayton heads two companies that are making high-risk bids to harness the radio waves. As chairman of one eCompanies venture, Boingo Wireless, he intends to build the nation’s largest operator of Wi-Fi hotspots, linking travelers at airports and hotels to the Internet. He’s also CEO of Helio, a telephone operation he has imported from South Korea. Helio, which was launched in May, targets the under-30 crowd with superslick phones that surf the Web. They give users the ability to buy games and videos and share them with friends, including uploading them to a MySpace page.

The big idea behind both ventures is to use wireless technologies to connect folks who are constantly on the go, whether they’re clubbing or jet-hopping.

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Rajesh Jain

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