MySpace as AOL of Social Media and Web 2.0

Fred Wilson writes:

What’s really happening, to steal a phrase from my partner Brad Burnham, is that the Internet is being reconstructed around people instead of pages/content.

In the web 1.0 world, AOL tried to build a walled garden around it’s content. Yahoo!, Google, and others went the open web way. We saw who won that war.

I’ve said several times in this blog that MySpace is the “AOL of blogging”. I see blogging as the most open form of social media so that’s why I used that term. MySpace made it simple and necessary for people to have a place on the web that represents them, the people they like, the things they like, etc. And MySpace took off for several reasons, but one of them certainly was the flexibility that people had in changing their pages and putting whatever they wanted on them. The people who use MySpace for their social media platform will be able to leave it for a blog or some other form of social media, if not today, then certainly tomorrow.

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