The Economist writes:

THE rise of the web transformed hypertextwhich allows readers to click on a word in one document and be transported to anotherfrom an obscure concept in computer science to a familiar, everyday technology. Might hypervideowhich lets viewers click on a moving image to call up a related clipbe on the verge of a similar transformation? This nascent development, also called video-hyperlinking, makes it easy to link together segments of online video in novel ways. Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen, a video blogger (or vlogger) based in Aalborg, Denmark, who likes to video-hyperlink clips on his website, says the technology is a vlogger’s dream.

Hyperlinking video involves the use of object-tracking software to make filmed objects, such as cars, clickable as they move around. Viewers can then click on items of interest in a video to watch a related clip; after it has played, the original video resumes where it left off. To inform viewers that a video is hyperlinked, editors can add highlights to moving images, use beeps as audible cues, or display still images from hyperlinked videos next to the clip that is currently playing.

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