Social Networking with Mobiles

Paul Golding writes:

With all the various networking tools (e.g. Linked In) and other ways to interact with each other via the Web, it seems an obvious idea to extend this to the mobile. It would be great to allow swapping of “business cards” via Bluetooth, which is already possible, but to allow Web services to tag themselves on to the card. For example, if I’m in Linked In, then by swapping a business card with another Linked In user, the Linked In service would be able to detect this swap and make a link. An app on the phone could detect business cards and pass this up to a network service which does the necessary “registration” with Linked In.

The idea need not be limited to swapping via Bluetooth. Users who connect via any means, such as IM, could swap cards.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.