Tom Evslin writes:

WISP means wireless ISP, an Internet Service Provider to which you connect through radio rather than through a wire or fiber last mile. WISPs MAY be part of the competitive answer to the uncompetitive duopoly of telecom and cable which make Internet access slower AND more expensive in the US than in many other countries. A WISP DID pull me out of a connectivity vacuum left by the duopoly in South Hero, Vermont where we have a vacation camp.

Although technically satellite ISPs are a form of WISP, they dont meet todays connectivity needs except in desperate circumstance and it is impossible (not a word an entrepreneur uses lightly) to see how they will. The problem is the speed of light. It takes so long for a signal to get to a geostationary satellite and back that the service is absolutely unusable for VoIP, gaming, or watching video and ranges from incredibly frustrating to unusable for browsing complex web sites.

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