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Chetan Sharma summarises findings from a couple of mobile trade shows in the US recently:

MES and MECCA. The central theme from both the shows was community and advertising. The buzz shifted from Mobile Search, Mobile TV, and IMS during the last couple of shows to Mobile Advertising. The prospective lifecycle of product development goes like this build community (whether it is around user generated content, games, artists, bands or other) and monetize the community by advertising. The permutation and combination of the business models are: free application and/or free content, subscription, earn credits for watching ads, more credits for feedback/surveys, etc. Companies who are able to build a large mobile community (at least 5-10M active users) and gather some specific demographic data become hot property of the moment. It is important to note that the mindset for an exit strategy for companies in the social media and user generated content space has changed a bit. Instead of getting acquired by software or computing companies like Google and Yahoo (yes, yes, they are media companies as well) to traditional Media companies like FOX and HBO. This was quite apparent in a number of discussions I had with the executives from new media content companies.

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