Sony Mylo

Paul Golding writes: “Sony’s Mylo is a really interesting device. I believe that these larger format keyboard-based devices are the future (the present!). It’s a no-brainer really, especially if you’re already a DS or PSP user. I remember working on early wireless PDA solutions and there was always this debate about size – does anyone really want to carry a large device? The issue is framing again. Adults thinking about mobile phones, size is important – slim, smaller, sleeker. PDAs seem like bricks. But for kids who carry a DS – which they do – then the comparison isn’t with mobiles anymore, nor about size – it’s all about what can this thing do and how ‘cool’ it does it. Mylo brings all those increasingly can’t-do-without Internet services into the ‘carry with me’ space, NOT the mobile phone space.”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.