Enterprise Software Landscape

[via Sadagopan] Jeff Nolan writes:

1) Direct enterprise selling sucks, is highly inefficient, and makes you do unnatural things in your product strategy in order to drive higher deal sizes

2) Large enterprise software vendors are not the future…There are 38 million businesses in the U.S. alone that have less than 10 employees, there just has to be a way to grow our collective markets by appealing to these business users and Im pretty confident in saying that it isnt going to come from SAP, Oracle, or IBM.

3) The SOA-ification of big enterprise products has attacked a technical dimension, not an economic or business model one.

4) Big enterprise software has historically been a product driven development process, not a user driven approach.

5) Lastly, and most importantly, there are no new big killer apps that are going to be built for todays enterprise. Global business has spent the last 40 years automating every corporate function that is worth automating, and then they automated it again through process reengineering and once more when that didnt work out quite like everyone thought.

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