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Doc Searls points to an an article from NewMediaTrends about Denmark:

Nordjyske today totally dominates the northern Jutland region with newspapers, TV stations, radio stations and websites. Nevertheless Nordjyske has felt inclined simultaneously to launch a new free evening-newspaper, a new newsportal for user generated content. And at the same time they remake their present free morning/traffic newspaper.

The result is a fully integrated media platform, spanning print, web and mobile: Centrum Morgen (the free morning newspaper), Centrum Aften (the free evening newspaper) and (

According to Henrik Rewes, who is in charge of the web- and mobile initiative, this is by far the most wholeheartedly and aggressive online-move by Nordjyske ever. Nordjyske hopes that pendlers will read Centrum Morgen in the bus or train going to work, vote by sms while on the run, contribute with their own views on the hot issues on the web when theyre at their office – and then, in the afternoon when they get home, read a brand new evening newspaper, all complete with news updates – including their own stories, results from sms-voting etc.

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