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C. Enrique Ortiz writes:

Mobile AJAX is mobile browsing, but mobile browsing is not necessarily Mobile AJAX. Mobile AJAX is not services on the web, but might be used to consume such services on the web. With their small screens, does AJAX really matter for handsets? Will it have the same effect as it did on the desktop? The answer is that it will matter for mobile, but it won’t have the same effect as in desktops. Not until 1) AJAX is consistently supported across micro-browsers, and 2) not until the primary screen on handsets are large enough to make it exciting (and the day the mobile handsets primary screen become large, then the whole mobility thing may have been defeated).

Mobile AJAX today is not mainstream, and is not ready to deliver the goodies it has delivered on the desktop, not because the technology per-se isn’t ready, but because it is not consistently offered across handsets, and because its effect (and experience) on Mobile is just plain different from the desktop. So when can we expect Mobile AJAX to go mainstream? Well, the sooner the better, but it will probably take about 2 years — hopefully I’m wrong and it’s before that.

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Rajesh Jain

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