Next-Generation Devices

WirelessDuniya writes:

BenQs iF award-winning Black Box concept has designers all over the world going but that things been on my sketchpad for months!. Well, we could all have won an iF award guys. The pictures released by Benq show the device as a mobile phone, a calculator, a radio and a sort of ambient fishbowl. All good and useful things but nothing near what the device truly represents.

Instead of BenQs mobile phone-type idea, what were looking at, folks, is the next generation of mobile device. The one that will change literally everything for quite a lot of people. Every tech editor and gadget fan has been preoccupied for the last year with products like the fabled next generation video Ipod . The gorgeous Onyx concept from Pilotfish and Synaptics treads similar ground. It seems to be all about growing the screen in your pocket.

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Rajesh Jain

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