Web Development Trends

DevPapers has an interview with Anil Dash:

I think the common thread that binds all of the technologies that are gaining ground is a respect for user’s time and the pleasantness of their experience. Even back-end technologies or things that seem very esoteric eventually translate into a better end user experience. The way this is happening is by letting developers shift from features in web apps merely being *possible* to those features being straightforward enough that developers can spend time making them *fun*.

This is just like the shift to GUIs instead of command-line computer interaction. When computers had 4k of RAM, a graphical interface was a wasteful luxury. These days, we can visit sites where the favorites icon for bookmarking a site uses that much storage.

The biggest change for the positive is that things it’s easier to connect heterogeneous systems. I can simply connect almost any two applications across processor architectures, operating systems, database platforms, programming languages, and geographical distances, each of which used to be a big barrier in the past.

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