IEEE Spectrum writes about Blake Ross’ new venture:

The problem, according to Ross, is theres no simple, cohesive tool to help people store and share their creations online. Currently, the steps involved depend on the medium. If you want to upload photos, for example, you have to dump your images into one folder, then transfer them to an image-sharing site such as Flickr. The process for moving videos to YouTube or a similar site is completely different. If you want to make a personal Web page within an online community, you have to join a social network, say, MySpace or Friendster. If you intend to rant about politics or movies, you launch a blog and link up to it from your other pages. The mess of the Web, in other words, leaves you trapped in one big tangle of actions, service providers, and applications.

Rosss answer is named Parakey. As he describes it, from a users point of view, Parakey is a Web operating system that can do everything an OS can do. Translation: it makes it really easy to store your stuff and share it with the world. Most or all of Parakey will be open source, under a license similar to Firefoxs. There are differences between the two projects, however. Although Ross plans to incorporate the talents and passions of the free-software community, hes building Parakey around a for-profit business model. And hes leading the charge with a simple battle cry: One interface, not two!

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