Will Wright’s Spore

GigaOM discusses a New Yorker article on game designer Will Wright and writes:

[Spore is a] groundbreaking god game in which your goal as player is to shepherd your custom-designed creatures up the evolutionary ladder, from protozoa all the way to space-colonizing civilization.

Set for a mid-2007 release, it will almost certainly be a masterpiece, and expand the potential of computer games beyond measure. That plus Wrights track record with the The Sims and Sim City games is why Spore publisher Electronic Arts has invested so much money and promotional effort on this one title. Its also because, as The New Yorker notes, the companys stock has declined by 30% since April, and has seen a 20% drop in overall sales from last year. In plain terms, as the article puts it, EA is counting on Spore to help shore up its bottom line.

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