YouTube is Time’s Invention of the Year

Mashable! writes: “Everyone has been surprised with YouTubes near-exponential growth since its launch in February 2005. Now Time Magazine is recognizing that success, naming YouTube their Invention of the Year. The phenomenon that gave birth to lonelygirl15 and the Diet Coke and Mentos craze beat a nanofabric umbrella, a car that can travel 3,145 miles on a gallon of gas, and a robot that can ride a bike…The question is: which startup is destined to be the next YouTube? Digg, Facebook, Bebo, Piczo, Metacafe and a few others are probably ripe for acquisition, but its hard to imagine any of those redefining an entire market in the same way as YouTube.”

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.