Microsoft’s Entertainment Plans

Techcrunch writes:

Earlier this week, Microsofts Xbox 360 division announced partnerships with CBS, MTV Networks, Paramount Pictures, Turner Broadcasting, UFC and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment to Digitally Deliver TV Shows and Movies to Gamers. This is Microsofts first move into digital movie and TV show sales and is also another move towards turning their Xbox gaming system into a full-fledged digital entertainment system.
Microsoft has a serious strategy to dominate digital entertainment. Microsoft already has a very successful gaming console (Xbox 360) that allows users to play games, watch movies, buy movies, buy TV shows, stream video from their computer, stream music from their computer, and Im sure buying music from URGE is in the gameplan not to mention the social networking features that allow Xbox 360 users (and maybe Zune users, considering the wi-fi built-in?) to chat with each other in games, send messages to each other, add users to their friends list, etc.

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