VCs in India

MercuryNews has a series of articles on India 2.0. John Boudreau writes:

Known as the tech back-office for the West, India’s economy is growing at a sizzling rate and VCs are now funding and nurturing Indian start-ups at a record pace — from Internet travel sites to gaming companies to a plan for the country’s first chip maker.

But the path to success is as precarious as a journey along potholed Indian roads. Is it possible to outsource Silicon Valley’s risk-taking culture, one that embraces failure, to a country and culture that value stability and family? Will Silicon Valley VCs usher in an era of tech innovation, or just lose a lot of money creating an Indian tech bubble?

“It took the valley 30, 35 years to get where we are today,” observed Ash Lilani, head of Silicon Valley Bank Global, which has an office in Bangalore and assists VCs looking for overseas investments. “We are trying to replicate that in India in two years.”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.