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Fred Wilson writes:

I’ve noticed that two pieces of infrastructure are apparently missing in the flash video world and I am curious if anyone is building them.

The first is an easy tool to syndicate flash video to all the major video “portals”. Wallstrip is available today at eight locations/players; Revver (their default player), YouTube, Google, Yahoo!, AOL Uncut, vSocial, Veoh, and MetaCafe. I am sure they will add more locations/players as they find new places with significant audiences.

The second problem is tracking all the views on all these services and where the views are coming from. It’s simple enough (although time consuming) to visit each service, locate the video, and find out how many views it has gotten. But because most (maybe all?) of these services allow the video to be embedded elsewhere, you really don’t know where the views are coming from.

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Rajesh Jain

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