Gordon Dryden on India

Atanu Dey writes about the opinions of Gorden Dryden, a best-selling author from New Zealand (and whom I also met). Quite sobering thoughts.

Air travel: Horrified at the Air India trip from Hong Kong to New Delhi (Do they really have to spend several minutes, first up, showing what not to push bottles down the toilet? Have they not heard of the power of negative suggestions? Possibly my worst flight since the Soviet Aeroflot slog from Moscow to Tokyo in 1970.) But thrilled at the Jet Airways flight from Delhi to Pune (Great airline; beaut service.)

Roads: What roads? Enough said.

Surprises? The incredible sophistication, efficiency and all-round competency of your big pharmaceutical companies: Cipla and Emcure. Outstanding plants by any world standard. And the very best of your herbal nutraceutical operatons: Nisarga Biotech in Satara . . . doing some very surprising things in distilling extracts from Ayurvedic herbs. (Gordons writing a new book called The Health Revolution hence the interest.)

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