Free SMS Updates for Emergic

Mobile users in India can now get free updates via SMS on the blog posts that are done on Emergic. All you have to do is to send START EMERGIC to 676787. You will receive one SMS every morning after I update my blog with the titles of the posts. You can stop updates anytime by sending STOP EMERGIC to 676787. Hope you find this service useful!

Note: The only applicable charges are for the START and STOP messages – they are charged by the operator at premium SMS rates, which are typically Rs 2 or Rs 3. There is no charge for receiving the daily Emergic SMSes.

Here is a sample (today’s SMS):

1. Mobile Conf. Manifesto
2. Entrep. Learnings
3. Adobe’s Apollo
4. User-Gen Content
5. Forbes: Games
6. Blue Oceans + Black Swans

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.