InfoWorld 2007 Predictions

Among the seven predictions:

The prodigal Sun returns
Its no secret that Sun Microsystems has seen better days. Once the darling of the dot-com set, Suns stock now trades for less than one-tenth of its peak price in September 2000. Its product portfolio is virtually bursting at the seams with great technology, and yet analysts and the media alike have repeatedly taken it to task for its apparent failure to capitalize on its assets. Dont count Sun out yet, though. If it plays its cards right, 2007 could be the year it sees its fortunes reverse, emerging as the new champion of open source software in the enterprise.

Salesforce goes to India
Offshoring will meet SaaS (software as a service) in a battle of the low-cost service giants in 2007. Among other developments, SaaS giant will be stung early in the year by a major offshore outsourcer whose prices will be cheaper and services even greater than what and its AppExchange minions can offer. Salesforce will counter with the announcement that it is building major hosting sites in India, Russia, and Botswana.

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