Beyond Pageviews

Peter Daboll of Yahoo writes:

Page view counting has been a key measure for a decade but just because it was once the obvious solution, doesnt mean its the best one now. A couple of reasons why:

* PVs arent a good reflection of web activity in 2006 and beyond. Its a broadband world and page views are irrelevant to some of the most frequently used Internet services like instant messenger, VoIP, or video, in addition to technologies such as Flash and Ajax. More page views might actually reward sites for poor site design in light of these new technologies.
* PVs have never been consistently measured by third parties or by sites themselves. Everyone has a different definition of when and how a page is counted.
* PVs dont represent ad inventory. In the early days of the Internet, page views were used to represent available ad impressions, but the reality is that page views and ad impressions are actually counted in different ways and dont correlate. PVs also have little to do with available inventory with the different types of ad units available today using text, audio, video, etc.

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Rajesh Jain

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