TECH TALK: Best of Tech Talk 2006: The Blog, and Abhishek

My life is quite well compartmentalised. There is Netcore and the other companies that I am involved in as part of the Emergic ecosystem. Then, there is my blog where I have ensured daily updates since I started in May 2002. I wrote a Tech Talk series on the fourth anniversary of the blog. I started by writing how it began

Writing is something I have always liked and done. When I was young (college days), I kept a daily diary. Every night, I would write a couple of hundred words on what happened during the day. It helped me reflect and get a bit of perspective as I was growing up. That habit continued somewhat infrequently during my IIT and US days. Now, I write out a diary page once a week or two in my notebook. I find that writing about the world as I see it helps me think better. There are times when I am very happy or very sad the writing helps me balance my emotions.

When I came across the blog format in early 2002, I immediately liked it. The free flow of thoughts on ones own site appealed to me. But it took me a few months to make the decision to start my own blog I wanted to make sure that I could have something new daily. In that sense, it was more news-paperish because I wanted the blog to become a daily utility in the lives of my readers.

…and then commented: Over the past year, the time available to me has reduced because of Abhisheks arrival into my life. I have had to give up a few things. But my commitment to blogging has remained unchanged.

Of all the Tech Talks I have written this year, the one that is closest to my heart is the letter I wrote to Abhishek when he turned one in April. An excerpt: Sometimes, I wonder what you understand and know. Or how you learn. Or what you are thinking. If only I could get a little peek into your little mind. But then thats the charm, I guess. Every so often, youll surprise me with what you can do. I look forward to coming home every evening and seeing a little different, a little unpredictable kid. And, you never let me down!…It is probably an understatement to say that youve changed my life. When you are away (or I am travelling), I miss you a lot. The mobile has become a photo album. I have seen your photos since birth innumerable times. And I cannot get enough of you. You came to us with great difficulty and after a long time. That is why perhaps I now treasure the moments with you so much more. I ended thus: There are times when I think you are as old as the New India that we are seeing! Your spirit and exuberance reminds me so much of our country. As you both grow up, I hope that same positive energy stays and infects the world around.

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