Google vs Salesforce

HipMojo writes:

Think about it: Google can essentially take:

– Gmail
– Docs and Spreadsheets
– Google Payment (whats the name again?)
– Google Talk (replace all of the other instant messaging services you use as a sales person)
– Google Maps (for directions to clients offices, or meeting spots)
– Google Calendar (obvious, to track dates, calls, meetings, etc.)
– Picasa (so you can see what people look like or people can put a face to their favorite salespersons voice and name)
– Video player (for demos, presentations etc.)
– Analytics (prospecting tool par excellence, I mean most sales people rely on Alexa, not Nielsen Net Ratings or comScore)
– Blogger (so your clients can read about you, your products and services)
– Jotspot (so employees can share intelligence, or clients and salespeople can share information)
– Alerts (a prospective client announces something, you can hit them up ASAP)
– Finance (so you can check out the size of the company you are hitting up)

Oh Thats just half of it: Google should then integrate Ad Sense to create an embedded lead generator. That would be insane. That, my friend, would be the killer.

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