eBay Architecture

[via Sadagopan] Presentation here. Sadagopan writes:

Look at eBay’s scale and complexity. It manages 212,000,000 registered users with over 1 billion photos 105 million listings at any time, eBay usres worldwide trade more than $1500 worth of goods every second clocking 1 billion pageviews every day, eBay is a modern day miracle. eBay is said to be storing 2 Petabytes of data 200 times the library of congress and the platform handles 3 billion API calls/month. A sense of the dynamism involved is best illustrated by facts about scale and complexity of eBay operations like as under:
– 300 + features per quarter
– 100,000 LOC rolled out every two weeks
– >26 billion SQL executions/day

A very interesting talk for anyone who is working or wanting to work on architecting big websites.This is the sort of wisdom that mere formal education wont provide. This is distilled wisdom based on years of experience.

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