Mobility in 2007

C. Enrique Ortiz writes:

I see 2007 as having the right ingredients for the birth of the next generation of mobility. Below are some of these ingredients:

* Advanced feature-and-media-rich handsets and APIs, including the next generation of Java on handsets: MIDP3 and MSA
* Fast and robust wireless networks everywhere
* Personal or near field networks
* Services, services: Services on the web, location-based services, open methods for service publish and consumption, collaboration
* Open tools, platforms, protocols and APIs, services, Internet, Web and Mobile Web, including W3C standards for Widgets and W3C WICD Mobile
* Messaging, and next generation messaging
* The mobility community continues to grow: from developers to investors
* People are getting it! User participation, user-generated content, collaboration, mass messaging/texting, high penetration of mobile handsets, the mobile lifestyle is happening!
* Investors are getting it, even outside Silicon Valley

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.