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C. Enrique Ortiz looks beyond Web 2.0:

# Web Pervasiveness, this is true Internet/Web everywhere; this is where mobility is going shine; this is relevant information properly served, right when it is needed, on your desktop, on your handset, voice, text, multimedia. Seamless access to friends and family regardless “messaging medium”.

# Seamless Identity across the web, allowing for simple and seamless identification and authentication of users and thus simplified secure access to content and services across the web. As Tom wrote, seamless identity is very important for mobile. There are a lot of road-blocks to realize this; we are years away.

# Natural and Intelligent Web, where we will be able to use natural expression/language, and where based on our context and semantics, the web tools are able to suggest or find related information, where all your related information is intelligently connected allowing for smart ways to find, consume and share information and goods; some believe this is at the center of the Third Generation of the Web (but I believe it is post that). This revolution will take the longest to realize, as it requires content and tools to be semantic and natural expression-aware.

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