RSS, Feeds and Widgets

Pete Cashmore writes as part of his 2007 Predictions post:

RSS Wont Go Mainstream (But Widgets Will Explode): The tech community has been saying for years now that RSS feeds are set to go mainstream in a big way. The argument is something like: RSS is becoming standard in the browser and the OS, so users will adopt it. They wont. Some mainstream users still havent learned the difference between the search box and the address bar – this little orange button will be underutilized.

In some respects, however, feeds will go mainstream. Theyll just be hidden behind the scenes. Mainstream adoption of RSS readers wont be a huge trend, but the delivery of constantly updated content, particularly via embeddable widgets, will become massive. Feedburner has partnered with SpringWidgets to deliver feeds in this way, while Clearspring aims to provide a Feedburner-like service for tracking widgets – WidgetBox is playing this game, too. But while text content will be consumed on startpages like Netvibes, PageFlakes, Protopage and Webwag, the most popular widgets will inevitably be related to photos and video.

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