RSS and Web Apps

Jeremy Wagstaff looks ahead:

RSS…will just be the way for us to join something, whether it’s a newsletter, a stock ticker service or a MySpace group calendar. We’ll stop being unsure about whether the letters stand for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication and realize it really stands for Really Simple, Stupid. Having struggled for the past few years (it’s been around since at least 1999) to get my friends excited about RSS, this will be something of a relief.

Web 2.0 will have another impact: The rise of software that resides online — so-called Web Applications — will blur the distinction between what is on your computer and what isn’t. You’ll get used to the idea, too, of your data sitting somewhere other than your hard drive.

The coming year will show that Web 2.0 is really all about breaking down barriers by making it easier to do stuff, and to collaborate with other people doing stuff.

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Rajesh Jain

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