Microsoft’s Robbie Bach

WSJ writes about the ‘Xbox whiz’:

Now, with all of Microsoft’s key entertainment groups reporting to him, Mr. Bach says his mission is to devise ways for them to work together without creating an unwieldy mix of technologies. Examples might include easier ways to use an Xbox or future Zune player to watch online videos, or a mobile phone to access wirelessly music stored on a PC, say Microsoft insiders.

At a five-hour annual strategy meeting on Dec. 14, Mr. Gates pushed Mr. Bach’s team to speed up its connected-entertainment plans, Mr. Bach’s lieutenants say. “They want us to move as quickly as we possibly can,” Mr. Bach says. “Apple has a lot of market share — we need to move quickly. Our share in the cellphone space is improving and growing but we need to move quicker there. Even in videogames, there’s still plenty of unfinished business there.”

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