PC Ecosystem in India

Financial Express says the PC ecosystem, unlike that for TVs and Mobiles, is just not happening in India.

Industry experts list quite a number of reasons for Indias low PC penetration, ranging from high computer prices to lack of local language content. But most of them point to something as elementary as this (possibly biggest block): People dont find computers very relevant to their lives. Not the way they find phones, fridges, cars, homes and so on. Will broadband change that perception into a compelling need? Or, what can be done to effect such a change?

Optimists say that all the elements are gradually coming together – various technologies (optic fibre, wireless and gadgets etc.), low priced computers or computing devices, the governments desire to push broadband, local language content (gaming, music, distance learning material, e-governance projects) and an increasing awareness and desire to be connected. They say that the success would lie in tying them all up properly.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.