On Air Travel

WSJ has a story that I can resonate with:

Business travelers understand one of the emerging truths of today’s office: One of the best places on earth to have some quality work time isn’t actually on earth but at a cruising altitude of 33,000 feet above it. Even in a pressurized cabin where the air seems little more than dehydrating microbes and a flimsy seat-back tray table hardly seems like an ample work surface, it can be heavenly.

Marketing consultant Jeffrey Hirsch achieves a Zen-like peacefulness hard to replicate in the terrestrial world, except maybe in a house of worship. “The feeling is one of total freedom, calm and timelessness … sometimes nearly bliss,” he says. “The secular world is left behind — no calls, no emails, no IMs, no clients, no nagging ex-wife, no problems whatsoever.” He says he’s more productive and creative in-flight.

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