Google Mobile

Greg Clayman speculates about what Google may do next in the mobile space:

picture a device that knows where you are, knows what you want, is seamlessly integrated with your newsreader, your email, your calendar, and your documents. Its searches are contextually relevant and it browses faster than other devices as top sites are optimized and cached away somewhere in the Googlecloud. The pieces all exist today and are deployed in one way or another. This new project with Orange looks to me like a way to get them all together and deeply integrate them with the handset.

By why stop at there? Remember when Google CEO Eric Schmidt said, your mobile phone should be free, at the Web 2.0 conference last month? And recall that Google is actively trying to build free municipal WiFi networks? Now imagine the device described above isnt a phone provided by a carrier at all but a Sidekick-like mobile media WiFi device: ad-supported, location aware, chock full of apps, and free to use. I think its a comin. What do you think?

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Rajesh Jain

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