Netflix’s Movie Streaming

The New York Times writes about Netflix’s new service:

Netflix has rewritten the rules this time, of the online movie-rental game. The company has done away with expiration dates, copy protection and multi-megabyte downloads. Thats because you dont actually download any of Netflixs movies; instead, they stream in real time from the Internet to your computer. (This advantage comes with a key disadvantage: you must be connected to the Internet. Wireless hot spots at airports and hotels are fair game, but movies cant be carried around on a laptop.)

Netflix has also done away with per-movie fees in fact, there are no additional fees for watching movies online at all. Instead, the Netflix service is free if youre already a Netflix DVD-by-mail subscriber. When you log in to, you see a new tab called Watch Now. It opens what looks like a duplicate set of the companys usual excellent movie-finding and movie-recommending tools, except that you now see two buttons beneath each movies icon: Rent and Play.

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