A Million MySpaces

Business 2.0 writes:

What Rosenblatt is amassing are the resources to create a niche-driven, bottom-up online publishing conglomerate, one that can spawn an almost limitless number of narrow-focus websites at nearly zero marginal cost. Some will be existing shell domains gussied up with Rosenblatt’s “sprinkle”; others will be created from scratch and turned into insta-brands. Some of the content will be professional; most will be user-generated.

“There are 59 million blogs out there, so we know people want to publish,” Rosenblatt says. “You give them the tools, you give them an audience, and you pay them; then they tell you what they like – and you follow them to the verticals where they gravitate.”

Thus Rosenblatt’s answer to what comes after MySpace: a million micro-MySpaces.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.