Obstacles to Mobile Innovation

Carlo Longino writes:

Too many good ideas fail because of the obtuseness of some unrelated player in the industry. Too many good peoples projects ruined because of the hoops theyve had to jump through to bring them to market. Too many companies fail because they couldnt find a market for their services, not because of poor focus or execution, but because established players simply wouldnt let them.

There are so many people, so many companies, that are capable of great things with mobile devices, applications and services. Its too bad that the obstacles they must surmount are so great as well. Thats the biggest problem facing the mobile industry. Its not technological issues like slow networks or small screens on handsets; its the ridiculous obstacles to innovation faced by both tiny developers and behemoths like Nokia. Its the obstacles that keep great ideas out of the market, that keep small companies from making a big impact.

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Rajesh Jain

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