Video on the Internet

Robert Cringely writes about an innovative solution to the bandwidth needs of video on the Internet: “At the basis of NuMetra’s view of the marketplace is a paper by William B. Norton of Equinix that is included as one of this week’s links. Norton presents an analysis of probable video distribution costs using different loads and network technologies, including: 1) continuing to use the current transit model; 2) using content distribution networks (CDNs) like Akamai; 3) inventing new CDNs, and; 4) using peer-to-peer (P2P) distribution technologies like BitTorrent. Norton’s analysis, which appears to me to be well thought-out, concludes that P2P is vastly cheaper than any of the other approaches. He concludes that distributing a 1.5 gigabyte movie over the Internet in high volume will cost $0.20 using the current transit model (a single huge distribution server), cost $0.24 using an edge-caching CDN like Akamai, cost $0.17 with a homemade CDN like I used last season to distribute NerdTV, or cost $0.0018 to distribute using P2P. That makes P2P 35 times cheaper than any of the alternate approaches.”

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