Search vs Relational Databases

From The FASTForward Blog:

At Merrill Lynch, a single search and discovery portal was employed to replace SQL-based queries to multiple silos of data across various units and services across the globe. SQL was not ideal for searching it was too slow, said Zach Friedland, vice president of enterprise data solutions for Merrill Lynch. The firms EDS Search portal (for Enterprise Data Solutions) links against messaging across the enterprise. We have no data warehouse at all here, since were processing the same messages that we use to send to our systems, he said. Friedlands team did, however, build a data warehouse off of the navigators used for the search and discovery portal. We built a warehouse off of the search engine, which is the reverse of the way its usually done. he said.

Is the traditional relational database dead, then? No, said INGs Longo. Not for companies with lots of legacy systems.

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