Finland for Mobiles Future

Tomi Ahonen suggests looking at Finland for future directions: “In Finland last year already 18% of all phones sold were smartphones. Worldwide it was only 8%. Cameraphones? Around the world, more than half of all phones sold last year were cameraphones, but in Finland, 60% of all phones sold were high resolution cameraphones of 2 megapixels or above. While worldwide 32% of phones sold were musicphones (with in-built MP3 players) in Finland over half of all phones sold were musicphones. Does that spell good news for the industry which also sees India, China and Brazil as the big growth countries where bargain basement phones rule? The average retail price for phones sold in Finland grew by 10%. And finally an interesting argument for simultaneous convergence and divergence – while cameraphone sales kept expanding, the sales of stand-alone digital cameras also reached an all-time record in Finland.”

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.