Mobile Web Phone

A post from Ajot Jaokar (from December 2006):

This new phone if it may be called that would have the following features (fewer the merrier!)

a) It is a phone
b) Its screen and other device form factors are optimised to browse the Web(sort of like the Blackberry device is predominantly geared towards email)
c) It would include caching i.e. localised storage if information
d) Network connections would be optimised towards browsing
e) It would also support Syndication, Widgets etc on a mobile device(not just browsing)

One way to look at it is to think of the same principles of simplicity and optimization both of Nicholas Negropontes idea of 100$ computer or Larry Ellisons Network computer

Implementation aside, the $100 PC and the Network computer are basically valid and the idea of a Mobile Web Phone is taking the same principles to the Mobile Web.

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