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How to give a great demo? Here is advice from Chris Shipley that all of us should keep in mind:

Keep the mean time to demo brief. You had a brilliant idea for a product. You saw a compelling market need. All of that is context for the demonstration, you are certain. Sure, the back story can be interesting, but give the history context by showing the product first. Keep your introduction brief. If you can, skip it all together. Once you have the audience engaged with your product, youll have license to share a lot more detail.

Demonstrate use cases, not feature sets. You packed a lot of features into your product. Yet, sadly, few people buy products for the features, they buy them for the functionality. Remember the old line: people dont buy drills, they buy holes. Demonstrate what your product does, not how it does it.

Focus on results first, process second. Its in our nature to show Step 2 after Step 1, and before Step 3. The sequential process, though, doesnt always make for the most compelling demonstration. If the result is whats exciting about your product, show it first, capture the audiences attention, then tell them how you did it.

Forget the architecture. Youve designed your product to work elegantly in a multi-tier, integrated data structure, supporting a variety of end-point devices. And no one in the audience cares. That carefully drawn architecture slide, even when projected on a 12-foot screen, is an eye chart to the audience and confuses more than it clarifies. Skip it and stick to showing the product.

India had its first Demo-like event,, in late Jaunary in Chennai. While we still have a long way to go, this is a good start. Indian companies need platforms to showcase the innovative work that’s happening. Hopefully, we will also see Demo itself come to India in the next couple years. With a growing domestic user base, there are now plenty of opportunities for companies to create solutions focused on the market within.

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