Quigo and Contextual Advertising

The New York Times writes:

In the last year and a half, a trickle of large media sites like ESPN.com, FoxNews.com and Cox Newspapers 17 sites have stopped using Google and Yahoo and instead signed up with Quigo.

What Quigo offers is transparency and control in what can often be an opaque business: advertisers pay Yahoo and Google for contextual ad placement on a wide variety of Web pages, but get little say over where those ads run or even a list of sites where they do appear.

Quigo, by contrast, gives advertisers not only the list of specific sites where their ads have appeared but also the opportunity to buy only on specific Web sites or particular pages on those sites. It also allows media company sites like ESPN.com and FoxNews.com a chance to manage their own relationships with advertisers.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.